Thursday, February 19, 2009

Current Big East Tournament Draw

We play this game when we're covering pro sports, looking ahead to postseasons. We write the words, "If the season ended today..." and put together neat little graphs and stuff.

And so, with the only two Big East games of the night looking kind of lame (Duke at St. John's and Rutgers-Villanova), I thought we'd take a look at what the matchups would be at MSG if the season ended (and the conference tournament started) today.

Why? I have no idea. But here you are:

(9) West Virginia vs. (16) DePaul
(10) Notre Dame vs. (15) Rutgers
(11) Seton Hall vs. (14) South Florida
(12) Georgetown vs. (13) St. John's

(5) Villanova vs. Georgetown/St. John's winner
(6) Providence vs. Seton Hall/South Florida winner (Yeah, that's right. The current draw puts one of these three teams in the quarterfinals.)
(7) Syracuse vs. Notre Dame/Rutgers winner
(8) Cincinnati vs. West Virginia/DePaul winner

(1) UConn vs. Cincinnati/West Virginia/DePaul winner
(2) Louisville vs. Syracuse/Notre Dame/Rutgers winner
(3) Marquette vs. Providence/Seton Hall/South Florida winner
(4) Pitt vs. Villanova/Georgetown/St. John's winner

All subject to change, of course. For instance, Louisville/Pitt/Marquette are all tied for second place right now, but Marquette still hasn't played either of the other two. Seedings could get beaten up badly over the next couple of weeks.

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