Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Conference Tournament Pool -- MVC First Round Preview

The Missouri Valley Conference tournament begins tonight with two first-round games:

(8) Drake vs. (9) Indiana State, 7:05 pm EST
(7) Wichita Sate vs. (10) Missouri State, 9:35 pm EST

In the first game, Ed, Mark, Steve, Rob, Jim, Jon, Yohan and Greg all picked Drake. Dan, Sal, Chris and Nino all picked Indiana State.

In the second game, everybody in the pool picked Wichita State. No love whatsoever for the MSU Bears.

The rest of the MVC Tournament (called "Arch Madness" because it's played in St. Louis -- get it?) gets underway when the top six seeds join the party.


Creighton: Dan, Sal, Mark, Chris, Steve, Rob, Jim, Nino, Yohan.
Northern Iowa: Ed, Jon, Greg

As you can see, Creighton is kind of the hot pick here.

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